OSU President Calls Out OU on 'Lack of Engagement and Transparency'

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Dr. Kayse Shrum is none too pleased with OU.

Good job. It all she could do but we’ll said.

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The SEC didn’t call OU and offer them a spot. OU/Texas initiated the conversation. It would have been the honorable thing to do for OU/Texas to let the other schools know what they were thinking. Unfortunately integrity and honor is laughed at by a large portion of folks in the world today, the same goes for lying. There used to be a price to pay for lack of integrity, honor and for lying. That doesn’t seem to be true any more. Now it could be that OU/Texas were not being transparent because they knew that if the rest of the Big 12 teams found out they would not be supportive of the move and would try to sabotage the effort. If that was true then I wouldn’t have a problem with OU/Texas doing what they did. However I can’t find any evidence that is the case so for now and until I do my belief is that OU/Texas just f’ed everyone over without a care. So there will be no punishment for OU/Texas and they will get to move on to the super conference and the big bucks. The only consolation is that they will be joining a bunch of like minded teams where backstabbing is probably an art form and someday they may get their just reward with a little of that “what goes around comes around” as they say. P.S. or perhaps the saying is “you made the bed now lie in it” don’t know for sure. Peace.



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I dnt know what world ur from from the gundy remarks to these.
As.ou and osu are both universities in the state of oklahoma and the big 12. Her remarks are not out of line but called for.
There was a partnership during the last presidents.
I know u will come back with some stupid remark about ur ess but dnt.

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U said the same thing u said before. Did u not read my post at all.
It would be like if u rent a trailhouse with ur brother. He decides to run of with a girl. The house is in ur name.
So u had no legal binding agreement. So do u have a rite to be pissed and say something.
Hope that was slow enough for u.

U real are slow the family bit was he should have told u .the business part is ur stuck with a trailhouse

I wish Dr. Shrum would have just said like we used to say when I lived in Kentucky,
“Good ridden to bad rubbish.”

Legit question. If OU and Texas stick around until the grant of rights ends. Can the other b12 schools vote to take away their revenue? They took away Baylor’s after the rapes.

No comment on this🤦‍♂️

I have heard they want to be hone by January

What OU has done is completely in character for the school. “Sooners” are, after all, land thieves. No one should expect integrity, loyalty or transparency from OU.

So, good riddance.


Goonville. The land of goons.

When Dr. Shrum was put in place, everything I read about her made me think I really like her appointment. My opinion is now strengthened. It probably won’t make a difference but it was the right thing to do. I guess for some it is really all about the money. Side note, I believe UT’s athletic fortunes will only go further south from this deal…….

What a terrible hand of cards to be dealt to her in her first month on the job.
Hopefully Burns will act as a consultant to assist her in navigating this minefield.

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It was done by their new president who doesn’t feel r connection.

I want out regardless. Time to blaze out own trail heading west.

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