OSU QB Commit Zane Flores Named MaxPreps' Player of the Year in Nebraska

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A big senior year continues for Flores.

Well we got 3 Gatorade oklahoma if sanders stays he is texas and now a Nebraska max


Wow with a 5 loss season!!! You crack me up.

Just need a coach to coach them and utilize them in the right way. Then having three of those guys will matter.

No that was that whiskey you pour down

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Lol. Got to drink when talking to you.

Lol sure you dont know who the 3 Oklahoman kids are. Shut up

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Sure you don’t know a washed up coach when you see one.

I see you dnt know who is on the team. Im surprised you can remember a handful of coaches names. Hay jeff who is the head coach. Check to see how drunk you are.

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Looks like you must be drunk because those couple of sentences you just typed is some of your best work in 4 years! Good for man.

You really buckled down lol

Guess what Roberto? You will be wrong 5 years at the end of next year. Keep doubling down on stupidity lol.

I have no clue what you think you type. You guys never pay attention to things i say about gundy. The only reason i talk to you and the yahoo is to stop stupidity.

One of you is sticking up for monkey for going 7 and 5, because the offense was ranked.

Got a writing on here saying we got hubbard only because arroyo got hill. Which getting hill still would have happened with out arroyo. Since we were offering hill before arroyo.

I remember when knowles didnt have players his defense protected half the field in 2018. Developed no lb in the junior and senior class. Recruited no body in 5 years.

I can go on.

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You can’t stop the stupidity @robert28 we only show them their stupidity. They have sucky lives ,no friends just a board to vent how bad their lives are by downing a program that has raised their expectations from the previous 70 years. I pity them :cowboy_hat_face:

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262 yards on 79 rushes? That’s 3.3 yards per rush. I’m going to guess some of that is trying to escape pressure and possibly getting little yardage?

He is a pocket passer. They not run alot.

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Sounds like a solid QB if Gundy can softened his feelings about using the portal to get some offensive linemen ready to play right away. Even with Dunn as the OC if we can block. I like Gundy but my frustrations is he’s really smart but hard headed.


A sack is minus yards as a rush

Your not the only one who keeps talking about gundyand the portal. Isu and bayolr took less players.

Team like ku and ksu have to use it.

The other teams had lots of turn over.

We took 24 players. Alot of those teams were in the 30.

He has never said he wount use the portal. He is a dressing the needs. Lb dl and oline.

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KU is having their best season since 2008. KSU has made the Big 12 championship game and is having their best season since 2016. Maybe the portal players aren’t such a thing to stay away from?