OSU QB Commit Zane Flores Named MaxPreps' Player of the Year in Nebraska

Portal is not bad but its hit or miss. Just like hs kids. Both of those coaches are good coaches. They will both always have room for 35 guys. You talked about depth. You make depth by having hs kids.

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I’m afraid that the portal is soon going to be chock full of quality players from OSU. So yea in that regard the portal will be a miss for us and an hit for everyone else

Even a more evident reason of why you need to have quality assistant coaches.

Im not going to say its not going to happen. But, there were around 18 guys that could be in the portal now not monday. Grad tranfers.
@bill18 if your good assistant is code for nil then yes your rite.

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Your right. But these OL woes is one of the worst I’ve seen in years for the program. Something has got to be done. Wether it’s Sanders playing or anyone’s son out there playing QB. We got 20+plus guys on the offensive front and the lack of consistency is murderous. These guys we got look good on paper but little consistent productivity. Not sure if it’s the game planning or coaching development. I’ll admit I have no idea on o’line coaching or how it’s taught. I mad made respect for the guys who blocked for me at all levels I played. I always looked at it as a un-fun position to play but highly paid in the big leagues.

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Gah plz don’t jinx us. I sorta got this feeling of something along the lines of unrest going on if more than 10 transfer out especially more than a few super stars.

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Also I know he’s big on guys fitting the culture. But with how times is changing and the new playoff format I think he needs to let the ego and big headedness go a little bit. He’s brilliant but I think the uppers of the program may get a little impatient with OU and Texas leaving not getting in or super close to the conference championship each year. BYU, UCF Baylor, and Houston have a ton more money or a bit more money to make NIL and other things to make things happen. Id hate for us to fall behind.

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Back in 2020. It was unreal start for the line. Guy retires. Then 2 get kicked off. Then hirst half 2 more go down. They line did a nice job. But we could keep the rb health.

2021 the line did better until the center went down. The recievers couldnt stay healthy.

We lose 4 guys with alot of experience leave the line.
We only get 3 up classmen to come in with not the same level of experience only 1 played.

First of cole goes down. Alrite for six games then it was revolving door with lineman and recievers plus dom.

Ive never seen any team go thur this.


Ive heard goes talk about culture. If you go around to the other team all of them are talking culture. Even uo is talking about changing culture.

I do think that guys confuse good culture and not getting high recurits. Banks was a good kid and could have played for us first year. We could keep lower guys from being picked of by texas how do you think we could keep a 5 star.

I can see us going into the chitter but itll be because of money not culture.


Yea that’s all Venable’s was preaching last year about this time was to cultivate his culture. I’m not sure the natives are going to let him stick around long enough to put his culture in. Highly religious which nothing wrong with that but I think he’s in over his head. They had 3 hit the portal already

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I just want to know what we’re doing to address the NIL issue. I’ve not heard anything about it, and if I haven’t heard anything about it then it means one of two things to me:

  1. They’re keeping quiet about it and addressing it among only a few people.

  2. There is no contingency plan in place to deal with it.

We can’t grow as a program if we ignore it. That’s just not a feasible way to go about. I don’t have all the answers to address it but I would like to know SOMETHING from someone involved with the OSU football program. I still think Dunn is below average and Dickey isn’t very impressive.

I think it’s both.

There has been talk of a couple of groups building nil’s.

I thought weeden is involved in one.

But i have not heard any numbers. Nothing like the 25 k the texas schools are giving

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