OSU RB, Former Four-star Recruit Deondrick Glass Enters Transfer Portal

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The former blue-chip recruit is taking his talents elsewhere.

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This doesn’t come as a surprise since he couldn’t get on the field. I wish him well finding a spot where he can get some playing time.

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And this is why recruiting stars are not always an indicator of success.

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Need a new running backs coach pronto!!! This guy obviously can’t recruit.

Not going to mention that he had a lost fumble in one of his 2 carries versus McNeese State?

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This is just going to give Gundy more ammo not to recruit 4 and 5 star guys.

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Two carries. Eight yards. AND…one fumble.

I thought when Dominic Richardson hit the field earlier this year it was a pretty good sign this dude would be leaving.

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The three 4☆ from 2019 Grayson Boomer, Deondrick Glass, Langston Anderson.

The two 4☆ from 2018 CJ Moore, Spencer Sanders.

The two 4☆ from 2017 Tylan Wallace, LC Greenwood.

The 4☆ from 2016 (oh that’s right, there were none. )

The two 4☆ from 2015 Darrion Daniels, John Kolar.

Of the 4☆ the last 5 years they haven’t done a great job getting them on the field.

BTW I wouldn’t bet on the one 4☆ from 2020 being there next season.

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If Glass was a bad choice as a recruit then I guess Alabama and Ohio State should also fire their recruiters? After all, the kid only rushed for 2,000 yds his senior year.


If LD Brown wants to try to be drafted by the NFL then he needs to return next season since they only have eyes for Chuba. He can shine next season if we have an improved O line. This team goes nowhere without a superb RB. The publicity Chuba is getting hopefully turns some heads toward thinking about committing to OSU.

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Alabama and tOSU recruiters got their 1st or 2nd choice vs Glass (their 3rd or 4th choice) indeed warrants them being fired! Right!
The RB recruiting issue rides right in Stilly …not Tuscaloosa or Columbus …

Wow it’s funny what the naysayers real worry about. Do we hear from them when we win, no sirery bob. Do we hear from them when a hard working walkon win a scholarship, I don’t think so. But, we lose a 4 star nutter. Then it’s like the day after spraying for rats. I know back in jr. High u guys set the bench, because the coach over looked ur talentless skinny knee acne self. U guys really think there is a coach at osu is going to set a better player. Glass was going to win this win that. He got first dibs on a** welts. Look this ain’t high school 4 star mite get u here. We got over 150 hard working cowboys and 2 4 stars cry babies.

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It must be a real shock for these 4 5 stars when they get to Stillwater. Finding out that 3 stars work so much hard then high school kids. That’s the real problem, they believe the hype. One thing I notice is none of these guys go any where.

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5 stars?

He was using 5 star as a general reference. U know Gundy would let a 5 star on the field. :rofl::upside_down_face::smiley::joy::innocent:thought I would play devil’s advocate and help u out​:exploding_head::woozy_face::dizzy_face:

Sorry, since Boynton recruits 5 stars I had a momentary lapse of reality regarding HCMG.

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U act like losing those guys is a bad thing.:wink: shane knows he will play and has. So to good qb and a great reciever. Do we get to use his scholarship for walkons. :upside_down_face::hugs::face_with_monocle::scream::thinking:. I’d rather have 5 Springfield’s or jarwin’s the 10 glass.

And that’s why we have 1 Conference title in 16 years.

How many did we have in the last 50yr before Gundy :raising_hand_man:oh oh me I got this one. 1. It’s not Gundy’s fault that most the 4 stars are good enough to start rite off. But as an adult u shouldn’t belive there hype. U do know that the portal was not made for Gundy alone there are for stars leaving other school. :fairy:‍♀:fairy:‍♂:fairy:‍♀:woman_mage::merman::mermaid:‍♀:woman_genie::genie:‍♂:elf:‍♂:elf:‍♀:woman_zombie::zombie:‍♂:woman_superhero::man_superhero::woman_supervillain::man_supervillain::mrs_claus::santa: here r some other things u may believe in. Texas has a whole lot of 4 and 5 stars u want to start trading. Ur always like facts how many 4 star left osu and are now in the nfl.