OSU Receiver Dee Anderson Enters Transfer Portal, per Report

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A big-time receiver who was rarely used hits the portal.

Hope he finds a home.
As tall as he is I just cant see how he didnt get in.
I would have thought he could have helped sanders redzone.
I thought some said he was hurt
One thing is u never miss what u never had :upside_down_face::joy::crazy_face::cowboy_hat_face:

Problem is…we did have him. Just couldn’t find a way to utilize him (see Jelani Woods).

I know what ur saying.
Big difference woods was on the field dee was on the sideline.


Needs to learn to take football seriously. Didn’t buy into Cowboy Culture.

Who u never make sense
Dee gundy the water boy u me
Who needs to be seriously

Agree completely!!! He first had to learn that at Oklahoma State talent doesn’t matter, but the level of Cowboy Culture indoctrination does. Without it OSU would never be able to maintain their status as the 4th best team in the conference. Glad he’s gone. Wouldn’t want him helping this team achieve a higher standard and finish better than it’s used to having.

Hey brainiac he didnt do anything at lsu.
It could be him, we will fine out.
I know u dnt understand transfers. Most times it is the player. Blaming cowboy culture all u want, but it has nothing to do with dee not good enough to get on the field.
Glad u made it through the nite after the mean people made fun of u

Your going to have to try A LOT harder than that to hurt my feelings Robert. Who was the one that got butt hurt when their grammar was being corrected? Wasn’t me!!!

To stay on the subject of Dee Anderson. He was a WR, right? Why did we wait until the bowl game to find out how good Brennan Presley could be? I can’t tell how good a person might be when Coach Gundy refuses to play them. Just like how I couldn’t see how good Moore could be because he barely got any playing time.

I keep hearing about this “embarrassment of riches” at wide receiver but have yet to see it because:

  1. We keep sending our highest rated receivers to the transfer portal.

  2. If they are on this team currently we don’t play them for the sake of having cowboy culture above actual talent.

Where in the world is Langston Anderson at? He must be good, right? I don’t know because I never got to SEE HIM PLAY!!!

The problem Robert is OSU is going to stay stuck in this never ending cycle of 3rd-9th place until we start to actually value talent over some coaches dumb and made up theory that Cowboy Culture is what leads to championship football. Because it’s been pretty clear for awhile now that it doesn’t.

As far as I and some other are concerned he can retire and take his Cowboy Culture with him to his mansion. Then he can brag to other about the good ole days about how he was able to institute Cowboy Culture and consistently get his team to mediocre bowl games.


I like how u say lets stay on dee then go rite in to talking about Presley and Moore.
Back in Feb. This site did an article o. What the 2016 class was ranked now. It was 45 but in Feb was 19th. Which should be high with another year and the draft pics.
But seriously cowboy culture doesnt make players worse.

You really need to learn to say no to drugs.

It was a simple question but I guess not for u

Do you want to try to clean that up just a little?

It refers to u post. U want someone to take football seriously I was asking who u meant.
I thought u knew how this works. I dnt need to cut and paste if I push the referral button.

That seems to be the fallback quote from Gundy if a player doesn’t get playing time.

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Well I’m sure he not going to say " hey u suck pull ur head out and play football:

I didnt try at all I did say anything just let everyone else have their say.

I agree, just like when Holder said. “I would approach recruiting a little differently than he does. I’d want to finish higher in those recruiting rankings than we consistently do. I think that ultimately puts a ceiling on what you’re able to achieve.”


He was suspended by LSU for being lazy. I was surprised we took him in to begin with, and said so multiple times. When he did come, reports indicate he came in over weight indicating that he hadn’t changed his mindset. I’m really not surprised he wasn’t used, and never really had any hopes of it either. He seems to have a lot of talent, but doesn’t seem to have the drive to fully utilize it. Not a big loss if you ask me.

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