OSU Recruiting Target Aidan Shaw Commits to Missouri (Again)

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A four-star long-time target again picks Mizzou.

I hope Boynton remains patient and does not settle for almost anyone in the portal willing to take a chance on a team that just finished a .500 season. We need two super players.
These choice players like our coaches and the campus, but not our lack of success, it seems.
Go grab those guys from St. Peters who have jumped ship.

What does Mizzou have to offer that I’m unaware of?


I mean in all reality what do we have to offer right now?

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Including in football. Not going to win the conference therefore no shot at the playoffs.

Let’s just try and make the tournament more than once every 5 years before we worry about winning the conference.

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I get that, but I’m sure Missouri can offer that too, after this past season and all the ncaa stuff we probably don’t seem as attractive to some of the big fish out there.

This next season, Coach Mike and the boys need to have success on such a high level that we never ever ever again have to go through an era of basketball failure (minus the Cade part of course!)!

I agree, but boynton is gonna have to understand this isn’t the nba. He and the other coaches have to get the half court offense figured out

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I had it kind of explained to me from some others on here that Boynton’s team does seem to have an offensive identity or plan. Which I didn’t realize cause it seemed helter-skelter to me. But we desperately need a shooter or two and a PG.

Good outside shooting helps all types of offenses.

I have seen some actually plays. But, they dnt do sets like they should. To many times we see players lost, not flowing rite. This goes back years.

Look at assists, low assist tells anyone they aren’t running an offense. Even fastbreaks generate assist.

Another sign of development issues is the fact we have 20 turnovers late in the seasons. Thats happen the last 2 years.

Getting Ramey would help. This lets Mike move Avery to the 2. That would help lower the turnovers issue and increase the fast break points. If Ice comes back, he needs to come off the bench. Because in 4 to 5 years, he still isn’t a consistent jump shot or 3-point threat. He’s a bully on the block. That’s his identity. He and Rondel would be a huge tandem spark off the bench.

You hit on a big word identity.

We had good 3 pointers in waters and Daz.
The problem is boynton takes people out of their identity.

I’ve seen boone and crime dog look completely lost.
When you got offensive guys at there that dnt know what to do with the ball. It force them to do wrong things.

He needs to go with boone and ciccy out there more. And get a more conventional offense. Put less importance on guards scoring. Not saying to eliminate.

Yes we seen the identity last year. Find a superior player and let him make plays. Problem is that’s a hard plan to execute at any level and be successful

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The execution isn’t the problem; it’s finding the guy consistently to execute said plan. Or, if not Cade’s level, find 3 or 4 somewhat close to compensate.

Execution is the whole problem since boynton became head coach

Makes me sad that I can’t even argue against that statement.

Oh I know, I really like boynton and I hope he gets it turned around it’s just hard basketball to watch for me.