OSU Releases Updated Depth Chart Ahead of Week 9 Tilt vs. Kansas

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No major changes ahead of Week 9.

For those of you that don’t know. OSU holds the point differential between Baylor and Iowa State. So here are a few scenarios.

  • OSU wins out they’re in the CCG

  • OSU loses Bedlam and can still get in the CCG (As long as OU wins out).

  • OSU will still get in the CCG if OU loses all three games to ISU, Baylor, and OSU.

In ur second one isu would have to lose a game other then ou.
If ou wins out we would have 2 lose
So would the 3 other teams if Isu beats Baylor and Texas isu is in.
There are other ways 3 way ties and even a 4 way tie

What do you not understand about us owning the point differential over Baylor and ISU? And Iowa State has already played Baylor.

If OU wins out we have the point differential over Iowa State and Baylor. Meaning we would still go to the CCG.

I understand Joey I do but Texas is still in and that point differential is not set. If Texas beats isu by 14 their in. If isu wins by 3 their in.

Texas is not going to beat Iowa State in Ames by 14 or more.

U said ou was losing 3 games. Which is more likely.

I didn’t say they would. All I said is they would have to based on this scenario.

So only ur scenario’s

It’s not my scenarios is Mark Rodgers scenarios.

I was just adding to it. U dnt have to cry about everthing. I was adding to really say u were wrong.
Snowflake needs some thicker skin

That’s not the way it works. Read the rules again. Baylor comes out worst in point deferential in that 3 way tie. That means they are removed from consideration. Then ISU wins head to head vs OSU.

Too much football left to have any clue how it’s all gonna play out though.

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So then that would mean we would have to beat OU even if Iowa State were to lose to them or beat them. (Assuming OU has 1 loss or zero losses going into bedlam).

Tech mite hire u guy sonny dykes

I don’t see Dykes leaving SMU for Tech. With NIL in place now, much easier to recruit to SMU.

I will say one thing about smu. We as the big 12 had not bring smu to the league.
We do not need a small school. Or another school in Dallas.

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I hope they hire sonny. If he is like his dad he will just be a lil better then wells.
Sonny has beaten 3 power 5 with winning records. All were at California, which he was there 4 years.

Gundy is partial to schools from Texas joining the Big 12. Reading between the lines he might have been implying today that in 2024-2025 when he expects more realignments, he wants OSU to be a well respected program so a better conference will want to invite us. Conferences expanding so much that some teams in the conference only play each other every other year has never appealed to me. But money rules.

I agree, but there are a few that must think gundy’s broke because they call him a payroll bandit and he couldn’t possibly want the best for Oklahoma state

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