OSU Returning to Full Capacity Attendance for Home Events Remainder of Spring

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Just in time for a huge game on Sunday.

About time.

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We should’ve been at full capacity this whole time

Good news for football season

Wish we had it for basketball season. Can’t wait to see a packed GIA again. When that place is full, it’s hard to top it. Definitely some of the loudest sporting events I’ve ever been to.

I will probably be angry and bitter for a very long time over the fact that in four years on the job, I’m not sure Coach Mike has ever had a chance to see the arena in all of it’s “Boggan vs KD 3OT” glory! If there was a squad post-Eddie that truly deserved that, it was this one. Just makes me sick to know that our top recruit in program history who did everything asked and then some, never got to experience the arena on the night of a Bedlam sweep with 13,611 losing their collective minds. I understand that sports are entertainment, and not life and death, but for the capacity restrictions alone…I HATE COVID! It took SO MUCH away from the beauty, joy, and uniqueness of Oklahoma State athletics.


I agree. But we get it back this year!:cowboy_hat_face: hopefully fans come out and support the best they can.