OSU Running Back Target Deshun Murrell Decommits from UCLA

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An interesting late-cycle development to monitor.

I guess we can be thankful that Penn State is having a very surprising losing season. But then again, the kid might have watched the Bedlam game and had second thoughts about how important Eskimo Joe’s is to him. He would hate the cold up in those mountains of northern PA. He would feel at home during summers in Stillwater with high heat and humidity. He might also be considering what it would be like as a back if OSU cannot assemble better linemen on offense in the near future. He’s been seeing last year’s top rusher being stifled in some games this season because of the O line injury related problems. So there is a lot to consider when OSU is a recruit’s top 3 choice. It’s a risk. But good to see the Cowboys expanding their recruiting territory now to the deep South.

The 42nd best HB in the country and #677 overall recruit? Can’t wait to beat OU with him in the backfield (if he has a line that can protect him).

You’re overly optimistic, which is cool. But we still have Gundy as our coach and if you just watched this Tech game, his coaching style will never change. Up 19 going into the 4th and we nearly lost it

I was being sarcastic. Why would I want the 42nd best halfback playing for OSU? If he’s a top 25 prospect I’d have no problem.

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