OSU’s Defense Has Been Stellar So Far, but Texas Can Score in Bunches

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Advanced statistics paint the Cowboys D as elite, but it faces its toughest challenge on Saturday.

Two like opponents for Texas and ISU are Tech and OU. OU and tech both scored their season highs against Texas, and both scored their season lows against ISU. ISU thumped tech and, while close, beat OU in regulation. Texas lost to OU and needed a monstrous comeback to beat tech. Also ISU beat TCU and Texas lost to TCU. I know each game is week to week so it’s tough to compare outcomes, but on paper ISU is better than Texas. On ISU’s 3 scores, 2 were on short field possessions due to sanders turnovers and the third was borderlined garbage time. They had one full-field driving score the whole game, and it came at the very end while running a 2-minute drill. I think Texas gets a few good drives with TDs on us just because Sam is a magician, but ISU was two dimensional and OSU still completely shut down Purdy. Texas’ RBs cannot run the ball at all, so OSU can keep a guy off to spy Sam and if he stays bottled up on the ground then Texas is in a world of trouble.

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You point out one why of looking at Texas. Take out the two west texas teams, texas is under 30 in regulation. The top defense they faced was Baylor. And vise versa we’ve faced better defense then Texas.

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I keep saying this. Kansas is the only defense we’ve played this year that’s worse than this Texas defense. We’ve already played the 2nd best and 3rd best defenses in the league. If sanders turns it over some, Texas keeps it close. If sanders turns it over a lot, Texas wins. If sanders doesn’t turn it over at all, Texas gets blown out.

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Best thing is herman and yurcich over coach.

I think the defense will give us a good chance of winning but Gundy has to let it rip on offense. That is how we have beaten Texas in the past (2018 with Corndog being the last one). With Texas, you cannot play conservative if up by 10 points and 4 minutes remaining in the game ( ask Tech ).

52-10. Pokes make a statement. A big one. This is the final nail in Herman’s coffin. I have felt so confident all week for some reason. Gundy doesn’t have a choice but to let Dunn drop the hammer and put his foot on the gas. I think the secondary holds up well enough to allow Knowles to blitz like crazy. And Texas can’t run the ball well as is. So we tee off on Ehlinger. I think Sam gets to know Trace Ford and Calvin Bundage really well this Saturday. Call me crazy, but I see a blowout. Go Pokes!!!

I’m not sure this team can score 52 points unless the defense scores at least 21.

Non no no keep herman.:upside_down_face::crazy_face::rofl::innocent:

Always nice to hear ur happy thought but yes 52 is a lil high.:thinking:

Texas wouldn’t keep a coach with Gundy’s record. They are not keeping Herman.

Un like u I can joke

I see a lot of people here predicting a blowout, and I guess they forgot who the HC for OSU is. Gundy loves to play conservative with a small lead even with an entire quarter to play. What makes you all think he’s going to go full throttle against Texas?

Texas would love to have Gundy

What makes u think Texas is going to not stop gundy. U went with tremble last week. How did that work out.

Wrong Texas wants someone who can beat OU.