OSU’s No. 2 Receiving Options Have Had Recent Success in Bedlam

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Who will be this season’s Tyron?

Why have we seen so little of Dee Anderson and Tay Martin? Figured with their height and experience we’d see them in the red zone.

Especially with the question marks around Tylan’s health, expect a bunch of passes thrown Wolf’s way over the middle. OSU didn’t really have a deep threat vs KSU, and combine that with a line that can’t hold a block and it makes you have to throw the ball quick. Sanders had to dump off quick 5-6 yard curl routes over the middle all day long, most of those to wolf. The others were sent to Dylan, who is OSU’s most reliable receiver behind Tylan. With Wallace back, that takes away some of stoner’s targets. I wouldn’t expect Saturday to be too much different.

We don’t play proven players. We break in the two star recruits slowly and rely on one superstar that might get hurt and not be able to play.

Would their happen to be a second option for coaching in the Bedlam game?

Well who ever is on the left side won’t catch a pass. I’m sorry but this game is all down to Sanders.

Ou secondary is very porous so if we can just give Sanders enough time we should have a lot of productive receivers

I would say it’s more on the o line then sanders