OSU Sets Virtual Visit With Star Transfer Jayden Gardner

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/osu-sets-virtual-visit-with-star-transfer-jayden-gardner/

This cat is one of the most underrated players in college hoops.

Well if he is better then what we already have thats great. To me we already have that filled.
We need a big or bigger guy. And a 3 point guy.
Really to me get to bigs one older one younger

We don’t have his rebounding skills. He would a huge pickup.

He has great numbers and I’m sure he is athletic.
Will those numbers tranfers from ecu to big12.
If we get him and a center ok. I’m all in on that.

We usually get embarrassed lose games because of lack of rebounding so he would fill a great need. But we also really need a big man for center and a 3 point shooter. Just can’t depend solely on Avery for the 3 point shots. But really stiff competition for every really good player who is transferring. Will the NCAA ever come to their senses and see the damage the new transfer rule is doing?

In 3 years at ecu they play 5 ranked games all were against Houston.