OSU Softball: Cowgirls Split First Day at Clearwater Invitational

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The Cowgirls outhit LSU, but dropped the game 10-2.

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If you want better facilities, you better put a great product on the field. 10 -2 is not worthy in my opinion.

The second game was rough.

Should we tear down the new baseball stadium? Sounds about as dumb as your comment???

Yea that’s what we should do man LOL. If your going to cry about more facilities and talk your team up like they are one of the best in the nation and go out to start the year getting run ruled basically then you need to slow your roll. Listen dude, it’s softball man LOL. Football is all that matters and that’s what pays the bills for everything so until we start winning at a high level year in and year out then your softball team needs to wait on those nice facilities.

Tear down the softball field is exactly what I said kspokesfan. You an idiot

Getting blown out by the number 21 team in the nation when some had our girls 2 in the nation is not a recipe for getting what you want is all I’m saying.

It is softball and they are having a bad start to the season. Glad to see you support oSu athletics. Maybe you should re-evaluate.

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Jeff if ur just going to cry just do it on ur own.
The football team is getting its money now.
If any team should be ashamed of asking for money it’s the basketball team since sutton left. Why did we remodel gia to go 500.

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Seems to be low functioning. I believe he is the one that brought up adding new facilities. I support all osu athletes with a donation.

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I’m not crying. The coach was crying about facility upgrades and how he needs more. But thanks for playing.

First off dnt talk about sports u dnt support.

Ur sayings a coach should not talk about better facilities, when everybody but indoor track have them.
Especially since he has produced 2 ws teams in the last 2 years.

It’s not like the track coach asking for money.

And yes u were the crier

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Don’t be another Joe…

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