OSU-Syracuse Game Thread

This is who OSU will need to (try) and contain on Wednesday. Son of Jim Boeheim can ball.

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At least we will be able to see how the zone should work compared to what we have done this far.

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So Gerry McNamara was reincarnated as the coaches son?



How are we feeling today??

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Hungover, thanks for asking!


I’m feeling a big win. A signature win for Coach B and the team, to reference in March.

They’ll zone us, but we have the shooting to contend with that. Hoping Cam moves more into the middle and down low, and helps Yor on rebounding.

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Excited to watch the game. Should be a lot of people seeing the pokes play for the first time tonight, best game on at the time slot. Hopefully the shots fall!

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I know we were discussing Buddy earlier, but one to watch for Syracuse is their freshman PG Joe Girard. He is a guy who can really score the basketball. He averaged 50 his junior year of HS, 48 his senior year and 22 as an 8th grader. He is still very young and inexperienced but it looks like they have moved him into the starting rotation and this is a dude you do not want getting hot.

Where did he average those numbers, in the middle of nowhere in Montana? :laughing:

Seriously, though, I’m sure Ice can shut him down.

Believe he’s from New York, not sure about competition just that he’s a prodigious scorer.

think in HS he was similar to Keiton Page- lower level but incredible scorer… well, Keiton Page but overall 6ft tall

He had some big time offers, just probably limited athletically like Page was.

Bumping this back up to the top for use as our OSU-Syracuse game thread.

I expect Hidde and Kalib Boone to both be available tonight. Kalib was still recovering a little from his sickness Monday. Both were full-go in Monday’s practice.

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Are the 10 :bow_and_arrow: the # of 3’s overall or just Dizzy?

I love these Thanksgiving tournaments. Super excited for this game and how about the Dayton vs KU game in Maui?!?

Tip is moved to 6:30 after the Ole Miss/Penn State game ended late.

I’m here for the fun.