OSU vs. NC State Game Thread

Back to back games for the Pokes is like waking up early on Christmas. At 7 pm CT the fighting Boynton’s take on the NC State Wolfpack.

Opponent Preview
School: NC State (3-0)
Coach: Kevin Keatts (153-75)
KenPom Ranks: 64th overall (55th offense and 81st defense)
Impact Players: Dereon Seabron, Casey Morsell, Terquavion Smith, and Cam Hayes

Similar to yesterday OSU will be playing a school that does not like to commit many turnovers, however, OSU has been great at forcing them regardless of opponent (UML was the least turnover prone team in the country entering yesterday and OSU forced 19 turnovers). NC State is currently 3-0 with wins over Bucknell, Colgate, and Central Connecticut. They are led on offense by Dereon Seabron, a 6’-7" point-forward who is averaging 21 points per game. Currently KenPom favors the Pokes, but only by 2 points.


Something is in the water in Stillwater that is giving every team a top-10 defense and an early season offense that is best summed up with “do yourself a favor and just watch the highlights”. OSU really needs to figure out the turnovers and fouls that have stolen countless possessions over the past 3 games, letting a worse team hang around is not a recipe for success for this team. On the positive note OSU has improved its FT shooting percentage each of the last 2 games, on the flip side in none of those games has OSU eclipsed 70% from the charity stripe.

Assuming the Wolfpack dont play suffocating zone defense today OSU should be able to leverage their size advantage and keep developing the “inside-out” approach Boynton envisions for this team. This is definitely the toughest test for the new-look Pokes and hopefully they bring the intensity needed to pull this one off.


This game is on CBS Sports Network, fyi…

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Home state match up for me

Pokes by 15


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70-65 Pokes

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Meaning you are in NC? Is so, where? I am just outside Charlotte and was hoping to see this game in Raleigh.

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If OSU can limit Dereaon Seabron, it wins tonight. But he is the guy to watch. He is averaging 21 and 10 entering tonight’s game.


Weird, I scrolled all the way down my thread list and it didn’t show up anywhere. Same with the 2021 football season thread. It never shows, I have to go to my notifications and click on a notification I’ve received from that thread and then scroll down. Thanks!

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do you have it set to latest when you are outside of a thread?

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Yeah, now that I’ve commented in here I can see this one, but I still can’t see the 2021 season thread. Someone just commented in that thread about 20 minutes ago but it’s not showing under latest.

It doesn’t show under top threads either and I have a feeling that it’s probably one of the top threads on here.

They got a little SG they picked up from Virginia too that can shoot from 3.

Tbh the majority of the guys who get PT on NCST were 4 star recruits.

But we got 5 stars… :smirk:

They are back! We didn’t wear these last year.



Wait…are those new uniforms? The side of the shorts have the brand instead of the old O logo.

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Anyone have someway to watch it? I do not get CBS sports

I’m watching on youtubetv. They might have a free trial.

Doing as we speak

Who is this Dickie V knock off?

Our Unis are :fire::fire::fire:

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Got an awkward photo…