OSU vs. Wichita State Game Thread

What a rollercoaster of a week its been. From a Bedlam win, to OU fans unable to decide who betrayed them the most: Lincoln Riley or the refs breaking a 100+ year agreement to help out the Sooners every game.

But onto basketball. Wichita State will be making the trip down 90 minutes south to take on the Cowboys at 7:00 pm tonight in GIA (streaming on ESPN+). Vegas favors OSU by 6.5 currently and KenPom favors the Pokes by 6. Wichita State comes in at 5-1 with a close loss to Arizona being their only loss. The fighting sentient wheat is led by Tyson Etienne, a 6-2 guard averaging 18.6 pts/g. Etienne takes 33% of the teams shots when he is on the court so slowing him down is priority number one.


Stylistically Wichita state loves to shoot the 3 (44.5% of shots are from deep), probably because they struggle to make 2-pt shots and are blocked at a rate of 15% (!!!). They also have a zero percent two-foul participation rate (what percentage of minutes do starters with two fouls play in the first half), so getting them into early foul trouble will force them to go to their bench early.

As for OSU the only thing I can say confidently is that I have no clue which OSU we will get today. If we come out with enough intensity then we should be good, we match up really well against them defensively and the Shockers give up most of their points in the paint, a place where OSU has thrived all year. But then again we may see a lethargic team still hungover from dunking on OU fans all week. Regardless, this should be a really fun game.


Our kryptonite is definitely a team going hot from 3 pt range but we survived ORU doing it. Hopefully WSt won’t get hot.

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Excited for this one. Got the Pokes -1.5 in the 1st half for a little extra Arlington money. Come out hot!


I cant go. Anyone want two tickets? there in first row of 300 section behind our bench. (FREE) PM me with your email and I will transfer.


Sorry I didn’t see the thread. This is the official official thread.

Chris went through most of warmups and is in street clothes now. I really think the plan is to redshirt him.


So how many years will Chris ultimately get? He can probably claim a medical redshirt from his Freshman year, then COVID year, and now a normal redshirt.

Avery with a 3 to start?!

He might go off


Avery needed that 3


Ice and free throws. Name a worse duo.

Kalib just got on FBI’s most wanted list.


Moussa and Tyreek in the same lineup :cowboy_hat_face:

Put it in the basket!

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I know diving for the ball is a hustle play, but I’m not a fan of it.

Zone is our kryptonite


Until OSU proves it can play against a zone every team in the country should run a zone against OSU.


1-8 from deep. 4-6 not from deep. Maybe stop shooting the 3?

Blame me. When I turned the game on, it was 10-0. :grimacing:


This team does not value the ball very much