OSU Wing Woody Newton Has Entered the Transfer Portal

Originally published at: OSU Wing Woody Newton Has Entered the Transfer Portal | Pistols Firing

The Cowboys are losing most of their experienced bigs.

Wish him well, seems like a good kid and played hard. But I don’t think this a very big loss. Not a great ball handler, streaky shooter who didn’t provide much help rebounding.

This is very kind.

Had a feeling this was coming and can’t say I’m too upset. Need to hit the petal hard though.

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Newton was very streaky from the outside (at best) and was not a factor down low at all. This article is oddly over selling his value.

Wish him well, though.

I imagine he would want to go closer home to be around family since his father passed unexpectedly.

Best thing that has happened to OSU basketball. He was not a Big 12 player. Couldn’t shoot or handle the ball. Not a big loss .

I was hoping and pretty sure Woody would be gone. I think coach got real with him and encouraged the departure. Frees up a scholarship for the portal. Still need another big and a 3 pt shooter. Or based on our recent teams, any kind of shooter will do.
Scary to think how many freshmen will be pressed into bigger roles than they’re ready for. Cisse made a horizontal move going to BYU. So I suspect NILmoney. Nice knowing you coach Boynton.