OSU Wrestling Adds Commitment From Six-time Uzbekistan National Champion Mirzo Khayito

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OSU adds a big name to its ranks at 165.

Nice pickup

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Hate to be negative, but why not guy who finished first in Juco ranks. They must see something in him beyond what he did Ellsworth, or they are reaching. One positive is I doubt this guy ever got any decent coaching before he came to US. When I look at u tube video on him, he looks small for 165. Looks like he could be 157 pounder. I think Travis Whitlake has 1 more year left. Was way too small for 184. I wonder any chance he goes back down to 165. He was a big 165 pounder so I think it would be hard for him to make that weight again.
Other interesting news is 125 pounder from Minn, who was very highly ranked and from Texas/Okla entered portal. That would be big pick up and fill a big hole at 125.


Just how old is this guy ? :thinking:

In looking at stories I think it said he was 28.

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He’s the new weeden!

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OSU landed one of the most decorated Middle Eastern wrestlers in history (PFB) — Stephen Mandeville, Uzbekistan is a part of Central Asia not the Middle East!

Thank you !!

This should be a refreshing change from Sheets who had bad luck with his injury and then wrestling up a weight where he was ineffective. Kudos to John Smith looking to foreign country guys. Myron Roderick did pretty good doing that.
We’re all hoping for a much better lineup and a healthy one. Agreed, we really need a 125 guy. Blankenship arrived with great past accomplishments, but watching him at the college level, it was soon obvious that he is too small and not strong enough. Portal please.