OSU Wrestling: Cowboys Drop Consecutive Duals for First Time since 2013

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The Cowboys lost to Iowa State on Sunday.

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I guess they just decided to give up.

I don’t know what the distractions were, and I think that getting an escape from bottom takes a whole lot more than attitude. Obviously, John Smith is aware of things that I have no clue about. But to my eyes it just looked like Iowa State was another team who had wrestlers that were obviously physically stronger than the Cowboy wrestlers with few exceptions. Is this a result of the way the team is instructed in cutting weight, or is it due to not having an effective conditioning program compared to teams that are out muscling the Cowboys? I would ask this on John Smith’s radio show, but the format has changed, and they no longer have call in questions from listeners. I will tune in to the show tonight to hear if coach Smith has anything new to add to his post-match media interview after he has chewed things over for a day. After watching the match, I tuned into Rex Holt who asked if maybe this team is just not as good as we thought it was going to be? That is what I have been thinking once we started going up against better competition. Drop the teams like Columbia, etc. and instead try to at least schedule teams that are at the top of their conference such as NC State and Big 10 teams in addition to Iowa.
As an afterthought, I would have let Austin Harris wrestle the 285 match.

They did get embarrassed. Maybe they will wake up and want it more than their opponents.

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