OSU Wrestling: Cowboys Drop Regular-Season Finale to Iowa 22-9

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/osu-wrestling-cowboys-drop-regular-season-finale-to-iowa-22-9/

The Cowboys finish the regular season 14-1.

This was the ultimate one team wanted it more than the other.

Don’t know why John acted surprised that Iowa came in and kicked our a##. Iowa and Penn State both coach and develop guys to wrestle with more of an offense focus. They wrestle aggressive. We don’t. It’s that simple. Until there is a change at the top, that won’t change. I’ve said all this before. Maybe more people will see this result and agree.

Even Voinovich attempted a couple of takedowns, but he isn’t good enough to finish. And that’s why he isn’t their starter at 149 and probably never will be.

2nd half of the season - Olejnik has looked like a different wrestler. He had some good matches/wins on that east coast trip - and granted, he wrestled some absolute studs after that - but hasn’t been as aggressive on his feet.

And in this match particularly - Teague Travis’ match was puzzling to say the least. He gave up a few takedowns so easily - something he hadn’t done all season.

Hopefully this a## whooping was the wake-up call the boys needed heading into the post season.