OSU Wrestling: Cowboys Move Up to Third in Newest Rankings

Originally published at: OSU Wrestling: Cowboys Move Up to Third in Newest Rankings

Pokes moved up two spots after a top-5 win.

God this schedule is the tuffest we have had for a very very long time. 4 top 5. What 2 not tanked. We go this this and dnt lose anyone we will be good.

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If this team places 3rd at national tournament it would be considered a great season.
In the 1960’s a third place finish would be a big disappointment.
But the times have changed and being ranked 3rd looks really good now. But John Smith would probably say, why not shoot for being ranked number one? Don’t settle. Wrestle like you want to be number one.
Speaking of NCAA tournament, I would like to see an additional day added so those guys don’t have to wrestle so many matches each day. Especially in the consolations.

We lose Izzy don’t we ,?

80 years ago… college wrestling was much different. Placing 3rd is a great accomplishment these days. Especially after the last several seasons. Penn State is not a good comparison, they built a dynasty based on years of cheating and the NCAA changed their rules instead of sanctioning PSU. IMO they should have changed their rules AND sanctioned PSU/Cael but that’s not what happened.


Izzy is in final season. Really tough weight class. Quite an accomplishment if he can repeat as All- American. As talented as he is, he’s not at the level of a finalist. I don’t see any of our guys reaching the championship match.
Fix’s chance for a title was taken away by a ref who called stalemate when Fix was in a crab ride with a few seconds left. Fix also lost the opportunity when he complained about headgear grab instead of focusing on opponent.

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From watching PSU I would say they earned their dynasty based on the talent they have every season while OSU has been slipping in high level talent except for this year. Cael Sanderson must have some kind of secret methods for recruiting. With Coleman Scott recruiting, we might be able to start getting a few more recruits from PA that might otherwise choose PSU.
Cael probably tells recruits, " you want to be a champion on a national championship team each season, or do you want to be a champion on a top 10 team ? Which would feel better for you? Oh by the way, that brown bag over there is for you. Just our way of welcoming you as a Nittany Lion, thanks to our generous donors. Do you already own a car? Why don’t we take a walk so I can introduce you to some of our cheerleaders. Do you have a girlfriend?

Yea that brown bag and a nice car and other amenities is the reason Cael brings them in. I will say his wrestlers improve too

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