OSU Wrestling: Cowboys Second in Latest Rankings

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Cowboys up a spot.

I wonder what Nebraska did to elevate it’s program?
In terms of next season it looks like we are overloaded at 133 and heavyweight. So some of those guys will probably have to go up or down from their natural weight class or enter the portal. Sounds like 3 of the 4 guys who signed have great potential. 10th best recruiting class is not going to win any NCAA tournament.
I can’t recall John Smith hyping any of his recruits before. So the praise he lavished upon Cody Merrill means that we can have high expectations. The problem is that we need 5 guys in the lineup at the level of talent as Cody. Reopening the Japanese pipeline is great. Further evidence that recruiting is taking off.
Let’s see who we can snag from the portal.
Will John Smith hold off retirement until Levi finishes as a Cowboy? That just might depend on how his next 2 teams perform. If it’s just more of the same, then I think he hangs it up after Sam finishes. Just a hunch. I look forward to seeing him doing the color commentary for home matches on ESPN after he retires. J. Carl Guyman is pretty old .

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It’s worth Googling AJ Ferrari to see how his inflated ego continues to be his downfall in life.
In addition to being disqualified after his first match in the past 2 years, he had been calling wrestling coaches and naming his price. Looks like he will be a Hawkeye. What a waste of superb talent.
Pride goeth before the fall.

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Frankly, who cares? Ferrari will likely never finish a season again.

Heard the Iowa AD put the kabosh on AJ coming there after he flipped off the Iowa fans at the wrestle off.