OSU Wrestling: Cowboys Stay in Top Five in Final Rankings after Suffering First Loss

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OSU is still the highest-ranked team in the Big 12.

Seeing Nebraska finally being one of the better wrestling programs once again, makes sense that we should wrestle them again in duals. They used to be tough when in the Big 12.
The latest rankings reinforce my dread that OSU could have trouble finishing the NCAA tournament in the top 5.
I still contend Surber’s injuries this season has weakened his ability and he hasn’t looked the same. The points we might not get from him at National is really going to lower our team score. Another concern is Thompson. Is he deflated because of how his season has gone? He looks like he’s afraid to shoot.
The best duals this season is when our guys came off the 1st period whistle shooting. They stopped that level of aggression as the season wore on. Even Fix was too cautious. The exception is Williams.

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we may be in the top 5 but it looks like we are orders of magnitude worse than a couple of teams above us. So there is still a large amount of work needed to get OSU back to where it should be.