OSU Wrestling: Cowboys Top Bucknell 32-6

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The Cowboys scored 30 takedowns Friday night.

The worse coaching decision I ever saw John Smith make was last night.
One of your top wrestlers injures his knee and he was allowed to continue the bout.
Makes no sense to me since there was no way Bucknell was going to win the dual. We have another dual on Sunday, and Big 12 tournament coming up. So let the kid heal instead of making the injury worse. That really pissed me off to see Whitlake remain in there. Competitive spirit over rules common sense???
The skill that Luke Surber is showing makes me think it might be wise to let him wrestle next season at 184, his natural weight. He is really good. Why make him struggle against those much heavier guys he has to face at 285? Wake up coach Smith. Get yourself a true heavyweight and stop sacrificing these guys who are good wrestlers but too light for true heavywt?

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AJ has spoken about moving to heavyweight, if he turns out fine after surgery and all that.

Surprised Sheets is still ranked after all the L’s. I know he has a bad wheel and has been plagued w/ injuries throughout his career and feel bad for the kid. Hope he can turn it around.

I wonder how much weight AJ has been cutting to stay at 197?
If it’s not been much weight to cut, he would be better off remaining at 197 and collect 4 NCAA titles. But maybe he wants to beef up for his professional wrestling career.
I never saw so many injured starters on a Cowboy team before this season. If Sheets tore his pectoral, it would be tough to finish the season. Looks like we will never get to see his full potential because of injuries. Whitlake going down with a knee is really costly, in terms of expected points at the NCAA tournament. Iowa State will walk away with the Big 12 tournament. A real snake bitten season, for sure. Ironic that the whole team was up a level yesterday, being aggressive like the coach demanded of them.
If AJ goes up to 285, then Surber slims down to 197 where he should be good. I wonder if Montolvo will be healed by next season, if so, he goes up a weight to 184, depending on who our redshirt is at that weight and assuming that Montolvo is built big enough for 184. A few years ago they said he was not big enough for 184. But he is the most aggressive wrestler on the whole team. Have to focus on next season, since this season is already shot due to the number of injuries.