OSU Wrestling: Dusty Hone Will Be Back Next Season

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One OSU starter announced he’ll be taking advantage of the NCAA’s extra year of eligibility.

Glad to see that Dusty wants to continue his career but I sure hope we have someone better than him to go at 141 next season. He did well as a fill in but not really good enough for where this team wants to go next season once it has a healthy lineup again. Has a Cowboy wrestling team ever had these many key injuries in one season?

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Dusty put his time in and helped us. This year he hasn’t looked as good. He never had a lot of offense but he has been happy trying to ride out.

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The last 4 years have been injury plagued with Weigel, Brock, Boo, and Jojo all having multiple injuries.

Gfeller can’t make 141? Cause I can’t see Hone beating him.