OSU Wrestling Finishes Season with Third Highest Average Attendance since 2006

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Exploring OSU’s recent attendance data.

This was my view for the Penn State duel in 2017. Still one of the most memorable moments that I have been able to experience in GIA. I am also blessed to have been to the Top 3 attended duels!


With the improved recruiting getting guys like Dayton Fix and A.J. Ferrari, I don’t think attendance will be much to worry about going forward. But if they want to up the numbers then I would try to get some better teams on the schedule for home duals. That means more Big 10 teams coming to Stillwater. One thing that will free up the schedule is to drop the twice a year Bedlam matches. It’s nice to see Sooner faces pushed into the mat but the Cowboys need to face better competition as it’s obvious that creates much bigger crowds. Would be exciting to see Ohio State drop by and I think in a few years we could have the talent to match up against PSU for the first time during the Cael Sanderson era. I think Cowboy wrestling fever will spread in Stillwater pretty soon, just like the good old days.