OSU Wrestling: Five Questions for the Northern Iowa Dual

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Five questions for the Cowboys Big 12 road test at Northern Iowa this weekend

The Iowa match is always a really important one. Therefore I would want my guys to be at their peak for that match. So I would not have scheduled Iowa after NUI. It would have been better to schedule Iowa first so our guys could be at their best minus the effects of bus travel. So right off the bat they are at a disadvantage in the Iowa match for multiple reasons. But not having enough fuel because of the food restrictions might show up in running out of gas late in the match. Iowa’s coach is probably really out for revenge because of being beat last season by the Cowboys. I would not be surprised if the crazy coach orders his guys to pile on as many bonus points as they can and to be extra physical and rough up them Cowboys. On second thought, that is probably the locker room pep take before every Iowa dual.