OSU Wrestling: Five Thoughts on Drexel, Lehigh and the Cowboys Moving Forward

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Five thoughts on the opening weekend of duals for OSU wrestling

is this on John Smith for not knowing that Lehigh med staff is strict - and if reese’s issue was questionable, not weighing in a 2nd wrestler?

And not to pile on with more rumors - but I too heard Joe has been walking around at 200+. Over past few seasons, He’s been about as reliable as a cheesecloth condom

I don’t understand why we had to forfeit 133. If Reese didn’t qualify then why couldnt we just weigh in Wilson. I am a huge John Smith fan. But I have no idea what is going on with Joe. It’s very disappointing…

I’d imagine if Wilson had been told he wasn’t going to have to make weight, he could not make weight at that exact moment.

Are any of the upcoming duels going to be on ESPN+?

The home duals will be, Minnesota is listed on ESPN+ as upcoming, I’m sure Princeton will be too in a few days.


Wilson was about a pound and a half over an hour before weigh-ins. They basically just said “Hey, it’s OK, we don’t want to force you to make weight here when you won’t be wrestling.”

They were completely blindsided by the Witcraft skin thing. He had what their Doctors said is some minor acne and nothing more. So they really simply just didn’t expect this at all and didn’t want to force their guy to cut a few pounds last minute if he wouldn’t be wrestling.

Love the video content. Keep em coming Seth.

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Lost in the skin hubbub
Ok State without 2 potential aa’s
An undersized hwt facing a t5 guy
Moving a t5 184 up a wt
Having a forfeit
Sheets getting majored by a guy he beat earlier this year

Lost on criteria to the 10th ranked program on the road, yep this is all on John / insert eye rolls

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