OSU Wrestling: Five Thoughts on OSU's 21-12 win over Minnesota

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Crowds, performance, ESPN+, and more

I definitely know 0 about technicalities & strategy but OSU wrestling has quickly moved to the top of my favorite OSU sports to attend & as season ticket holders am pumped to see the crowds.

It looked like Witcraft was aggressive from the get go but missed on his 1st 2 shots & got countered pretty well.

Can someone help me out & let me know what happened there?

I’ve seen that counter a lot in the younger levels of wrestling. When I wrestled I think we called it “the snake”. When your opponent shoots you throw in an underhook and wrench them over. Was a little surprised to see it here but it definitely worked. I’m no expert but since you don’t see that Snake too often at the NCAA D1 level maybe there are a few details on those leg shots that Reece can tighten up to prevent it.

It also reminded me of 1990s Minnesota wrestling. This is totally an exaggeration but it sure seemed like those 1990s Minnesota wrestlers would score all their points off of defense.