OSU Wrestling: Five Thoughts on the Big 12 Tournament

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On why a competitive team race is better, and OSU missing out on 10 straight.

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Accurate assessment of the tournament. As a fan, I am not disappointed in the outcome because common sense would have said your guy is not there at 197 because of injury; your 125 guy is out there on a bum ankle and probably should have bowed out and let the injury heal for NCAA tournament since your team has no chance to take home the trophy this season; 141 was expected to do better, 157 with his long lasting injury from last season had no business being on the mat; 165 same story, should not have wrestled; 184, what happened to Geer? Is he injured, or is he burned out? I guess we have to wait till the end of the season to find out if too is injured. So if the team went in without those significant injuries, I think it would have been a very close race against Mizzu but we probably would have won since AJ might have garnered a few bonus points. Daton Fix I don’t quite understand. Such a great international wrestler so I would expect his scores to be more dominant than some of them have been. In the off season work on your headlock to cradle to pin combo. Partner up with Surber. For next season, find a new strength and conditioning program to bulk up some of the frames on this team . AJ might now be envious of the pectorals we saw on Fix during his post match interview.

Way to meaning why’s. I’ve stated them before.
But one thing is about the whole school why do we always have so many injuries in all of our sports.

That is the reason I recently wrote to John Smith asking him if he thought we needed to do something different about strength and conditioning. As expected, no reply. Every coach wants to believe they have the best programs in place, and the best supportive staff. Last night John Smith shared his view that the new method of blocking a leg take down by draping yourself over the shooter and pulling out his ankle to hold on to is causing too many ankle and knee injuries, and the NCAA rules committee needs to make some changes about that. He suggests only legal if you grab above the ankle, but not the ankle itself. I hope the coach sends an email to that effect. His stature in this sport should carry some weight.

It’s a very disappointing trend downwards for oSu wrestling. A fourth place finish is a tough pill to swallow.

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Why are we upset about getting 4th in wrestling and we rarely get upset when we finish 4th in football?

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Because, ( i know you won’t understand) we are a blue blood in wrestling.

A blue blood that hasn’t won a national title in sixteen years.

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Ou 20 years you mean like that moron.
Joey I told you to think before you post. It took me 1 sec to blow that out of the water.
We have more wrestling championship then the big 12 has natty’s a since inception.
There has been 3 blue blood programs in football.
Look you dnt know football. I will give it because it’s all you got. But, you now less then nothing about the other programs.

I agree. We are just like OU football when it comes to our wrestling team. Very good but just no quite good enough. I’m glad you brought forward that analogy. Maybe you should think before you post.

Yea rite. You try to copy my answers all the time.
You know when you do it rite I do you look like the jr high need you are. Repeating what everyone says.

At least some junior high special needs children know how to spell or put a coherent sentence together. That comment is an insult to all the junior high special needs kids out there as well. What are you? 12 years old? I know you still live with mommy and daddy, but just because you’re 45 doesn’t mean you need to act like you’re 12.

I even commended you for making the reference that our wrestling team is on par with OU football. And this is what I get in return? You can’t spend your entire life being angry with people. Go see a hypnotherapist because you need some Peter Gibbons treatment.

If you were agree why did you say I needed to think before I posted. See you make no sense.
I have serious issue.

You were trying to compare at first our wrestling program’s inability to win another national title by comparing it to OU football. Simply for the fact that you think I’m an OU fan when I’ve proven over and over again that I’m not. You only simply used that analogy because you thought I was an OU fan.

You didn’t even know or realize what you were saying, and I replied in a joking context (which you totally misinterpreted). You weren’t actually serious when you replied with the OU stuff. Don’t try saving face now. You’re correct. You do have issues.

Not only did I compare ou but 3 football programs

You could just admit it and say “you’re right”. You don’t have to double down. We all know you only replied that way because you think I’m an OU fan.