OSU Wrestling: Five Thoughts on the Cowboys Wins Over Pitt and WVU

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Here are my five thoughts on the Cowboys big weekend in GIA

Witcraft is 1-2 in the last 3 duals but he’s my favorite wrestler to watch.
Love Picc and Boo but Reece’s matches - win or lose - you KNOW it’s going to be exciting.
Hopefully he can clean up the mistakes and start turning some of these L’s into W’s

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I seriously think a session conjoint therapy session with a sports psychologist and John Smith talking to Reece would do him some good. He has the physical talent to be a winner a few years but coach Smith keeps pointing out there are mental mistakes. Has to see himself as a winner. I think Iowa coaching has always done a good job of turning their guys into animals on the mat. We keep hearing John Smith wanting his guys to beat up on opponents. What I am glad to see this season is a lack of Cowboy circling. Instead, most of them are coming off the whistle shooting. Definitely a more offense minded team. Good to hear John Smith lamenting the fact that we really have no true heavyweight and that he should not be in that situation considering that this is historic OSU wrestling. He is right. We should have the cream of the crop.

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HWT cream of the crop signed and incoming


It seems like Reece is just making rookie mistakes, not used to opponents having the level of finesse that top D1 college wrestlers do. Definitely has the talent and drive to get there. I just hope he can polish up some smarts and defensive thought process - being uber offensive is great, but if that’s all you’ve got, your opponents will eventually learn that and prepare for it. Kaid ran into that several times last year - he’s an offensive beast, but lost some matches because he kept the pedal down and his opponents knew what was coming. My observation of course.

Speaking of animals on the mat, Sheets is so tough on top. Not just the leg rides, but the crossfaces and pushing guys’ heads around. That kind of thing is demoralizing to the opponent even if it doesn’t move the top guy closer to a pinning combination. We need more of that style of riding throughout the team. Technique takes you most of the way, and punishing your opponent can take you even further. I remember Mark Smith (John’s little bro) just tearing guys’ arms off, grinding his elbows into their backs, mean stuff. Hurt 'em (within the legal limits of the sport)!!

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Brock was also up a weight and going against dudes that were just bigger last season. It’ll be interesting to see the lineup next season with Picc gone and Fix back. Where do Kaid and Reece fit in? And will Gfeller be back? ever?

What is the story about Gfeller?