OSU Wrestling: Freshman Triston Wills Transferring to Arkansas Little Rock

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Wills moving on to wrestle for former Cowboy Neil Erisman.

With the depth that is on the team and the quality of new wrestlers joining the team I don’t think anyone is surprised about this transfer news. I think this is just one of other transfers to take place as the handwriting is on the wall for a lot of the guys who don’t want to settle for just being workout partners who don’t have a chance to become a starter and want to wrestle in more matches than just the early season open tournaments.
Long ago a high school wrestling coach in Tennessee had a chat with one of his wrestlers who was offered a scholarship to OSU. He asked him if would rather be a small fish in a big sea or a big fish in a small pond? The youngster saw himself as a big fish heading for a big sea so he ignored the coach and accepted the scholarship. After his second year as a Cowboy and never becoming a starter he and another teammate transferred to U. of Tennessee at Chattanooga and both became conference champions at their new school for their last 2 seasons.