OSU Wrestling: Oklahoma State Dominates Air Force, Wyoming on the Road

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/osu-wrestling-oklahoma-state-dominates-air-force-wyoming-on-the-road/

The Cowboys wrestled two duals in two states Friday and dominated in both.

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Hi Seth! Could you provide some information about the status of Jordan Williams. Is he still coming to OSU and what is his projected college wrestling weight? 149? 157? Also, is there still competition at 184 with Geer? Montalvo and our recruiting coordinators brother?

And any word on the results of the exhibition matches that were wrestled after the AF match?

These obligations to wrestle affiliate teams keeps us from going up against better teams, that is the result of not having enough wrestling teams in the Big 12. Cupcakes don’t help us prepare for NCAA tournament high level competition. The Big 10 has the opposite problem. They have to many teams and therefore don’t have much room in their schedule for non-conference scheduling. Otherwise, OK State should be going against PSU, Ohio St, Michigan, MN, Iowa each season. We will have our hands full with Mizzu.


Thanks Seth!!