OSU Wrestling: Previewing the Cowboys' Road Tilt against Lehigh

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/osu-wrestling-watch-listen-to-lehigh-preview/

I go weight by weight with True Wrestling in a preview of the Lehigh dual

Feedback: I’m anti-video as a rule, so I’d prefer a text preview or have this uploaded as audio only to the podcast feed.

Because of the above feedback, I have no actual thoughts on the preview.

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Here’s the soundcloud feed

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I like the video/podcast format, even though I haven’t had a chance yet to listen to it. But I look forward to it later today. I’m always looking for more long form wrestling content.

Question: what about the Drexel dual? That’s on Friday, right? Is that a much less interesting matchup? (I know nothing about Drexel’s program).


Drexel is not great. They have one ranked wrestler at 165, #12 Ebed Jarrell. This will be a nice early test for Travis Wittlake and we will get a chance to see where he stacks up.

Otherwise OSU should win the dual by more than 30 points.

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OSU should roll over Drexel, but I think what you’re looking for in a dual like that is how some of the less prominent OSU guys do. We know Piccinnini and other top guys should win, but can OSU win 33, 57, 97, HWT, etc… and as Lee said 165 has a big matchup.

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Love the feedback whether it’s positive or negative. I’ve considered trying to podcast some, but just really have no idea whether or not I’m any good at it or it would be worth my time. I’ve never done it before.