OSU Wrestling: Q&A with Top-Ranked Recruit and OSU Commit AJ Ferrari

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Talking with No. 1 recruit and OSU commit AJ Ferrari

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AJ does not sound like a high school senior. He sounds more like a professional athlete.
Amazing work ethic. Another Steve Mocco?
Cowboys need more guys on the roster that have the talent and work ethic of AJ. But where do you find them if you are not PSU?
I hope he gets to go at 197. No good to be so underweight at heavyweight regardless of how skilled you are.

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That’s a pretty serious shoulder injury! Can’t believe his HS coach kicking his bro off the team, what a doofus, sounds pretty immature.

Best wishes to the kid with one of the best wrestling names ever!

Great interview. Nice of Seth to reach out and AJ to take the time.

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It seems strange. Allen has won 10 state titles in a row by an average of 95 points.

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I would guess he starts his college career there but eventually moves to heavyweight as he grows more into it. As he said though, with his quickness, flexibility, and athleticism he’s going to have a huge advantage over most of the fatties. <— just kidding w/ that label, LOL. Too bad we don’t unlimited class like before…who doesn’t wanna see a guy like Mitch Shelton pinning Dr Ego Death.

Another great read. Keep em coming Seth.

Wow, they really through the coach under the bus? Not very Christian like. The truth is, and there are plenty of witnesses, Anthony wrestled with the team all year up to districts. The coach asked him to go up a weight for the team and Anthony flipped out, disrespecting the coach and walked out, coach said don’t come back. Ferrari’s are the most selfish non-team wrestlers you’ll ever find, the world revolves around them, the rules don’t apply to them. Plus Anthony got them both kicked out of Blair for fighting in the wrestling room. Truth.

Looks like we got a Rutgers fan on the board!


I live now in McKinney, just north of Allen. Both of my daughters graduated from Allen. Living in Allen and understanding their philosophies of winning is crazy for high school sports. AHS is also one of the largest high schools in Texas. There are kids nationwide that move here for sports. It’s great to see Allen kids going to oSu. I’m an alumni and major fan of everything oSu Cowboys.
Great interview AJ! We need more dedicated and devoted athletes that keep there faith close by.
Take care, Good luck and God Bless!

Ferrari mentioned a part of his routine was Bible study. has he read thou shalt not Lie? Thou shalt not use the name of his high school coach in vain? Is this what OSU has to deal with? Get ready for drama coach smith.

Why’d he want him to go up a weight if they killed it at state? future_son_expression