OSU Wrestling: Stevo Poulin Lists OSU in Top Five

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/osu-wrestling-stevo-poulin-lists-osu-in-top-five/

Viral sensation and Cadet World Team Member Stevo Poulin lists OSU as one of his potential school choices

If this young man joins the others in 2021 class where that class rank?

Well it’s already the #1 in the nation so this guy committing would just further cement it’s ranking.

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The kid looked like he could have made the Cowboy roster at age 9 with those kinds of moves.
If we land him I sure hope he is still sporting that Mohawk. He looked absolutely intimidating at age 9. Another Steve Mocco.
Have Nicky Picc. pay him a visit.

maybe i am confused … the 2020 class finished #1 correct? Is the 2021 class also currently ranked #1 also ?

I don’t think any official rankings for the 2021 classes are out yet. But the general consensus is that it’s the #1 class just by who’s committed so far and in comparison to other 2021 classes.