OSU Wrestling: Thomas Gilman, Jimmy Kennedy Joining David Taylor's Coaching Staff as Assistants

Originally published at: OSU Wrestling: Thomas Gilman, Jimmy Kennedy Joining David Taylor’s Coaching Staff as Assistants

Taylor’s first move as a head coach.

I love it. As an Alum from 2000 i cant wait to see what happens with this new staff. It was time for something different. It seem’s Taylor has a plan. Let’s see what the rest of it is in the coming weeks.

Also be watching out for Frank Molinaro from Arizona St. and after the Olympics I wouldn’t be surprised about some Kyle Dake news. Daton staying on as coach as well Friends think I’m crazy but with our tradition, this hire is huge. Very similar with what happened w bama football and saban. And yes I know he had coaching experience before bama but I find similarities. Let’s go pokes!

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Kennedy is great for coach.
Gilman bad mouthed Nick Piccinnini. Gilman might have a screws loose.

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The big F.U. to Coleman Scott…it looks like. Sorry, bro, but huge thanks for what you sacrificed coming back to the alma mater. On behalf of most oSu alums and wrestling fans…sad for you and your family, best wishes!!!


True, we all feel bad about how it turned out for Coleman. But he will land heads up.
There was no choice in the matter. Without a clean sweep it would have been more of the same, top 5 finishes at best, but no real chance to compete at the level of PSU.
PSU did the same thing to recreate their program by hiring Sanderson in order to compete at the level of Iowa. That’s what a smart AD does. Have to put aside emotions at times in order to do what’s best for programs.
I’m a bit Leary about Gilman. During an interview he said he was a paranoid guy already. But he could not turn his back to the other team when warming up on their mat because one of them might want to roll into him to take out his knees.I think he said this after a dual in Stillwater when he called out Piccinnini. I remember how bizarre Gilman seemed. But with this new coaching
I expect our guys to now be much more aggressive and score right after the handshake and not let up. They are really going to be pushed. Unacceptable to go to NCAA tournament and not score points for the team. Having to give only partial scholarships is no longer a limit because NIL will make up for that. Paycom will pay for the talent we need. After DT can get his own guys for the roster, we will see results. I expect a big exodus in the portal. One of the biggest things to happen in OSU athletic history. As I said before. The baseball program is the next one needing a missing peace to reach a higher level of results. Relief pitching stinks.