OSU's 2020 Football Season Brings Plenty of Excitement, But Even More Pressure

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Big 3 raises Cowboys’ ceiling and the stakes.

History shows that the ones saying now or never are the first to make excuses.

If clay collins can get immediate eligibility at DT, which is likely, I cant think of a unit offense or defense where we wont be atleast solid in depth and talent wise.

I’m sure I’ll never hear the end of it for saying this. I totally expect a 9-3 season with a 3rd place finish or lower in the conference. I’m not picking them to win a Big 12 title unless they first start proving they can win some of the bigger games.

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I’m still hesitant to call it a big “3”. Sanders was looking better by the end (better than horrible), but he still has a lot to prove. And at the most important position.

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I think Sanders is going to determine the season. He’s the QB so that always determines your season to a large extent but with Chuba and Tylan back he has two of the best skill position players in the nation and the rest of the team is basically back we lost 3 players and we replaced 2 of them with veteran transfers. If Sanders plays at a high level then we should at least play in the big 12 title game but this will just be his second season starting and if he struggles we could go 8-4 or worse real easy.

I’m not drinking the cool aid anymore. They have to do it in order for me to believe it going forward. I just don’t think that Gundy has enough talent to compete with OU and Texas for a conference championship. If you really believe that OSU can play for natty’s, you need to be drug tested. I expect much of the same, look really good against bad teams and inconsistent against good teams. My prediction is 8 - 3, losing to both Texas, OU and someone that shouldn’t lose to. Then a mediocre showing in a “Who Gives A Crap” bowl.

REMEMBER, Tylan is only going to be as good as the QB throwing him the ball. If Sanders doesn’t improve significantly this year, Tylan may be a non factor.

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Idc what the future holds, but I will have a parlay by next Tuesday that involves us winning the big12