OSU's Cowboy Backs Up to Challenge of ISU's Tight Ends

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/osus-cowboy-backs-up-to-challenge-of-isus-tight-ends/

Jelani Woods enjoys the competition when facing off against Iowa State’s tight ends.

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I enjoyed the article. But I think the correct word should have been “dragged” instead of “drug”.
I never realized how important freshman English class was at OSU until I recently moved to Baltimore and hear the English language being beaten up and rules of grammar being tossed out the window. Does this website use an editor before articles are posted?

I’ve been asking for a long time where Jelani Woods was at. Thank God they finally realized he’s a weapon and not just another body on the field. His size AND speed for his size makes him a big time threat.

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He is fast!!

It’s great to see our Cowboy Backs out perform an ISU trio that has a lot of talent and considered to be a focal point of their team. There has to be a shout out in the article for our defense to holding them to so few yards and no score.