OSU's Defense Needs to Continue to Improve, Gel Heading into Nonconference Finale

Originally published at: OSU's Defense Needs to Continue to Improve, Gel Heading into Nonconference Finale | Pistols Firing

Defensive communication will continue to be a talking point for OSU.

Sure i want them to gel. Its more important to get starters out so we go to baylor with a health team.
Get the young guys playing time


We need to get the QB’s some playing time too. It’s a priority to me for both to get some snaps Hope we get a big lead early


APB has gotten six transfers from G5 schools (probably because they wanted playing time). They also won two games last season (Lane College and Grambling State). It’s also a team this season that’s played really chitty competition. That’s why they’ve put up so many points.

Even if the defense were to hold this team to less than 20 points (even with the backups in) it’s not going to mean a dam thing going into Waco. A team is only as challenging as it’s coaching and talent pool. This is essentially nothing more than a scrimmage against OSU third string players for our starters.

Mite wait and see if baylor has an offense

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I bet it will be better than the ones we’ve seen so far.

Baylor’s lost top 3 receivers and 2 backs that ran for 2400 yards. Even baylor homies are asking who is going to step up, they werent impressed with the byu game. Kick mite have problems to.

But you have fiath in matt, oh sorry meant dave.

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Weird how both those coaches found a way to beat the best OSU coach in school history with lesser teams :man_shrugging:.

Deflect much. Yes you do. Well we lost last year to the most talented team in the big 12. And we had 2 backs a center and top te out of the baylor game. So i not see how you got to where you get.

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Did you notice how I said “Best OSU coach in school history”? In 2017, we were supposed to have the most talent outside of OU. We finished 3rd. Matt isn’t the only coach in the conference to do less with more.

Joy first i could find a preseason poll that didnt have uo as #1. They had as # 2. So we dropped 1 postion. Im not saying your lieing but if it fits ok. Im sure there is a poll some where had us there.

And most polls had isu as 2nd. Most polls. But they went 7 and 6. Not 10 and 3. Matt did have more 1st team all big 12 and over all big 12. We didnt. This is not preseason. I dnt think they had any major injuries at all.
Actually 2017 is look alot like this year. Had 8 bowls and 7 teams finish with winning records in conference and overall.

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The way the schedule sets up looks to be good for the team . Cmu we played with our eyes open, ASU too . We get to workshop this week and bye the next .
Baylor looks to have some holes of their own . Then we get TT next…


The only bad thing is no byes later. Long haul

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Matt also made it to the Big 12 CCG before Gundy once they brought it back.

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Starters, second team, third team and walk-ons… Only a shut out of Ark-Pine Bluff can be considered defensive growth. jmho (aside from an offensive miscue causing a score…)

GO POKES!! :football: :cowboy_hat_face: :football: :cowboy_hat_face: :football:

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Deflecting again. Nice captain obvious point. That only works if matt didnt have 5 years as a hc prior to isu. But he matt needs a title this year if your playing it that way.

I see your ignoring the fact we werent the favorites in 2017. Do we trean these as lies or bad memories on your part.

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Gundy’s been a HC 8 years longer than Matt Campbell. Gundy almost lost to a first game HC last season at ND (who is 0-2 right now btw). You can stop being a bag of excuses now.

I never said we were the favorites. All I said is everyone expected us to be playing for the conference title game. Your favorite coach found a way to keep us out of it.

Is this really all you have?

Lol any way we look at your vision of 2017 10 and 3 is completely different then 7 and 6. When you count the all big 12 players its even worse for matt.

Matts in his 12 year of hc you really want wins. Remember look at facts.

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Then had all of them back the next year and Matt flopped joy, completely flopped. The ND qb is now in the pros …… big difference in this year’s ND you dimwit


Practice squad? Really?

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