OSU's Top 2019 Signee, Grayson Boomer, Enters the Transfer Portal

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OSU’s Cowboy Backs just got thinner.

Doesn’t look like the high end recruits are impressed or convinced that Gundy can step it up.

Nothing to see here. Move along. Jelani will be back for two more years. Go Pokes!

Nothing to see here. Pay no attention to the people jumping off the ship into the water


Don’t blame him. Guys and Gleeson avoid throwing it to the CB’s like the plague.

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Awesome! Really impressed with this one! Jesus Christ what are they doing?

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Dude got hurt and never played here. We don’t use TEs anyway. Don’t really care.

He believed the hype that many on this board did at the start of last year about how we were going to expand the Cowboy back role and how integral to the offense they’d become. Then the pretty talented Jelani Woods managed 15 for 100 (or so) for the season, and it dawned on him, that the Cowboy Back is as integral to the offense as the Right Guard. You need it, but not because he’ll be touching the ball.

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You gameplan for your best players…the coaching staff has failed to do it with Jelani Woods…he saw the writing on the wall. Wasted weapon and I hate to see it.

Our top 2019 recruit leaving? Better wake up fans. I don’t care what anyone says, recruiting matters. Stars matter. This kid was the second best player in our state. It’s okay though. Gundy will find a 2 star from Texas to replace him.

Don’t blame him. I don’t have the analytical ability but like see something that showed how many times per year we actually used a tight end consistently in the passing game.