OU, Texas Formally Petition SEC for Membership

LOL. You actually made me laugh with this one. None of it is true but the creativity of this one was solid Roberto.

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Sure, they can pay the penalty to leave early or not. If they don’t have anything to offer to the other schools and the other schools are going to be substantially worse off I just don’t see any reason to let them reduce that number. Either pay it or we’ll all suffer the next 4 years together.

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Thats what I’m saying. The only talks I see is how much money r they giving us. And when can we slam the door.

“Or we’ll suffer the next 4 years together”…….that won’t happen. OU & Texas will get out of this by 25. And if the remaining programs sit back & wait…….they’re going to be in more trouble than they already are. Being retroactive is what’s gotten Bowlsby and the rest of the remaining schools in tThis predicament in the first place.

My hope is enough schools have new desirable homes to wrap this up before this season starts and we’re all elsewhere for 2022. If so, sure OU and Texas get off light.

If none of the remaining teams find new desirable homes, and are left with trying to add teams to the Big 12 is what I’m thinking of when I say it’s wait it out or pay up. I also agree they will pay up. I disagree when you say they won’t pay full freight to get out in this scenario because by your own admission you can identify no reason for that to happen other than “eh it usually does.”

I’ve heard the want out in January. The fast ou wants out the more money it will cost them. They want out. We can make deals and wait till their gone to move.

Colorado & Nebraska paid less than A&M and Mizzou. And that was them leaving a Conf that still was going to continue on as a pretty stable Conf. There was much more of a reason to hold those 4 schools feet to the fire than there is for this sinking ship. We can agree to disagree, because the buyout for those schools will be more than it was for any of the 4 that left in the past. But it will absolutely be negotiated down. All splits, in all businesses are done that way. This will be the same. Do you want to get $20 mil in 2023? Or get absolutely nothing in 2025? That’s enough of the incentive to get it done

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It’s not us it’s all about OU. When do they want out. Soon the better I hope, but will cost. Like I said they can keep the dog and the sofa, but pay alot of money.

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The remaining 8 do not have any incentive to let OU/Texas off easy. When they get to leave and what the payout is will be either what is stated in the contracts if those details exists in the contracts or what is decided through the courts, arbitration or some form of negotiation. Without knowing all the factors involved it’s hard to say what will happen but i am sure everyone is going to start at their perceived strongest position and then go from there. I will say that it would seem that OU/Texas should have the advantage in all this since they have had 6 months or so to understand their legal positions and strategy. Everyone else has had at best two weeks to consider theirs.

Dude there isn’t a court date set for next week. They’ll negotiate the terms & it’ll be settled within 6 months is my guess.

So how is ou going to strong arm us into this deal. They want out and we want money.

Did i say that the courts would absolutely be where things get settled? let me answer so you don’t have to waste time reading my post for comprehension, the answer is no I did not. Now your guess at how things will go is as good an any other. I guess we all need to stay tuned to see.

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No, you did not say go to court. You did mention having time to formulate legal position & strategy. My apologies for assuming you meant Court. I was unaware of any other thing you’d be referring to when mentioning a deadline, legal strategy & position

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I want it to go to court. Put a lien on switzer home. Chain the gates to memorial stadium. Get child support from riley.

The SEC UNANIMOUSLY VOTED TO ACCEPT OU & TEXAS. Like I said……you’re clueless

We all ready knew a&m was vote for it. Their board voted for it.
I don’t know what u have proved and to whom.
Last we talked I told u, after u asking me 20 times.
U may think ur a evolved ou fan. But, u not. Ur still a wannabe know it all.