Pac-12 Commissioner Takes Huge Shot at Big 12, Accuses League of Trying to 'Destabilize' Pac-12

Just a wish, I know it’s not reality. I would rather they stay independent than join acc or big10. It would spell bad things. If you ever listen to Paul Finebomb (misspelled) or people like him they really try to influence this stuff with propaganda like with what ESPN did with the SEC. They all want the big12 to die. I’m hoping the ACC stays together for the rest of their contract as well. I’m all for tradition with some change but not radical change. I’m really interested in seeing who our TV contract is with. Hoping it’s with Fox or ESPN. I hear the values of yesterday may be worth 50-60 mil a piece now.


Definitely a long shot, but yeah I’d make a pitch to Notre Dame: Just like the Big 10, the Big 12 is in 3 time zones (playing into Notre Dame’s view as a national brand), but unlike the Big 10, they would be the bell of the ball in Big 12 and the Big 12 allows teams to keep their 3rd tier rights, which would allow Notre Dame to keep their deal with NBC and when combined with money from the Big 12 deal would make for a pretty sweet deal. Take a shot, the worst they can say is no.


Hear, hear. I don’t want any part of B1G or SEC. I love SEC football, I’ve been following it since I was a kid and liked their style of football more than B1G. ACC is one of those conferences that may die, I hope not, I don’t like the idea of only two super conferences. College football is going nuttzo at the moment.

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Absolutely nuts !! I’m old school I guess, I like traditions with schools we have a rivalry with. SEC would be a place I would like. , if we don’t get the 4 schools from the PAC , they can’t stay where they are with tv offering a low ball 25 million

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