Pac-12 Expected To Decide on Expansion This Week

You act like your worlds crashing down over this football team, let things play out before freaking out, your life will not be affected over what conference a college football team is in , there’s plenty of time for things to happen.

One of my big fears is that the remaining 8’s dilemma is going to fester without a solution for the next couple of years. That by itself can be very damaging to the programs.

I agree. When you have a commissioner that’s been collecting a payroll of millions and hasn’t done anything in eight long years the odds are that we will be hung out to dry and praying we can find a way to end up in a P5 conference.

It will be interesting how ou and Texas work this out.
Both owe more then 200 million. So said the longhorn network money will pay for ou. I dnt see Texas owe the second most money in the nation give money away.
Espn is a business there not forking over money.
With the hold on playoffs expansion, that slows the move.
On our side. There r 5 pac12 teams that owe over 200 million. So turning down a better tv deal will be hard to pass on.i do dnt see why the pac12 is saying they will announce now. When the move will not happen till '24 or’25.
But in till then we as a conference should public start courting new members

It’s not solely the TV deal, but based on conference payouts as well. The share for each team in the conference lowers or diminishes with more teams. Essentially it’s a base payout. I’m guessing the PAC-12 is not really seeing a major benefit to it in the long run.

As i understand it the PAC 12 is going to decide this week if they are going to “consider” expansion or not. If the answer is yes then another process will be forthcoming to study the possibilities, identify candidates, vote on who to invite, etc. This next process is likely to take awhile and may even coincide with the next media deal which is a couple of years out.

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The whole reason to add teams in the central time zone and better teams is to get a better deal.
I said '24 that’s when the pac12 new deal will be made.
But ur rite if we went rite now with their deal it would be cutting into everyone’s money.