Pac-12 Reportedly Less Interested than Big Ten in Adding AAU Schools

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The Pac-12 could be a more realistic option for OSU.

Really that been my opinion the whole time. Plus they can add more teams
It depends on when n how soon they can get a new deal for tv.

OSU is not going to be in the P12, not in the B10, and not in the ACC.

We are going to be in the AAC. Book it. Bank on it. Count on it. Our new Bedlam will be Tulsa.


Happy times

Also from the Pac 12 commissioner: "We believe the move by Texas and Oklahoma strengthens our unique position as the only Power Five conference with teams within the Mountain and Pacific time zones.”
This is getting worse by the day.

Yes I think that is a delusional statement by the Pac 12 commish. Although it probably was already the case the SEC, with the addition of Texas and OU, has just made the Pac 12 Irrelevant nationally.


That was said at the get go. U got to play the strong guy. I’ve heard them say their happy because the moved up a conference. Their TV deal is only second worst then the acc.

I agree. The PAC 12 commish is either bluffing or stupid, they’re in terrible shape and will probably have the same thing happen to them after 2024 when they’re media rights are up. Probably why Big 10 hasn’t sounded too interested, they’re eyeing Oregon and USC. After 2024 college land scape is going to be much different. Probably 3 power leagues with 20 members each and the Washington States and Oregon States of the world will be left out.

It’s starting to look that way sighs

They are saying we got to get at least 4 teams to get a 20 million deal

Someone needs to send the PAC 12 commissioner the latest PFB podcast so he can then understand the changing landscape of college football tv revenue. Obviously, he must not be a graduate of Stanford. I hope OSU is wanted by the ACC. If not, wow, they would be part of an irrelevant conference even though they would dominate it most sports. They would also have to become an affiliate member of some other conference for wrestling and that would hurt big time. But the whole world is changing big time lately and this is just part of the insanity that goes with it. Not looking hopeful at the moment. How much sleep do you think Chad Weiberg is getting this week? Mike Holder was born under a lucky star since he got out at exactly the right time. I expect this really will have a negative impact on recruiting.
The lesser of two evils would be to invite the top 4 schools from the AAC into the Big 12 rather than OSU joining the AAC. But if those schools do not want to join, then there is no other option than for OSU to join the AAC if that conference is willing to expand. They already have a lot of schools. The Shockers often beat us in baseball. What a step backward this would be. But it would benefit the AAC.


I think the best option for OSU is to keep the Big 12 alive. Convince the rest to fire Bowlsby immediately, hire a new coordinator, and add 4 teams asap. Cincinnati, Boise State, BYU, Houston. All four have expressed interest. Offer them whatever they want.

Otherwise they have to convince the Pac 12 or the ACC (the only Power 5 conference options left - SEC is out and Big 10 has that crazy AAU requirement) to take them AND one other team. Baylor or TCU are the best options for partners. Maybe K State.

You are missing one big point. If OU/TX can do a deal to join a new conference effective 1 year from now, and thereby avoid the $38 million – so can OSU and the rest of the schools. We can do a deal to join another conference effective 30 days after the SEC deal. The Goose Gander Rule.