Paging Dr. Shrum

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well…I only needed 3. And a little time to kill this evening in the garage.


It’s… Beautiful

Red River sure has straightened out over the years


It is now the Thin Red Line.


I’m worried if I try to cut it out correctly, it’ll shatter it.

And they crossed it. They can go burn in the SEC while we flourish in our new home.

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Thinking about painting that same orange over the first OU and trying to find some larger stencils for it. And I need more paint anyway.

I have a feeling that 100% of people reading this page’s title read it the same way I did, and I don’t even have to say out loud how I read it.

I guess I’m a dummy, cuz I don’t get it.

The OU President has publicly stated he wishes for Bedlam to continue post-OU to SEC in 2025. I’m telling Dr. Scrum, OSU President, to tell OU that Bedlam is forever dead and gone. Personally, I would like to see every Bedlam contest canceled beginning with 2021-22. Don’t even wait for them to leave the conference to end it. That’s the purpose of my art work, Gar.

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Sorry, understood the sign. Didn’t understand @OSUgrad’s comment that I was replying to. :laughing:

And it’s Shrum FYI.


Does this picture add context?


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You’re just trying to confirm my dummy status. Thanks. :laughing:

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Please tell me you’ve seen this movie…

@JustGary fast forward to the 2 minute mark.

Thank you! I’ll do better.

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I have seen the movie. My memory apparently isn’t that great. I’ll make sure to watch though.


It’s a very classic “raunchy guys” type comedy. Two thumbs up but don’t let your kiddos watch. :joy: