Palm, Lunardi List Cowboys as an 8 Seed Heading into Game against Kansas

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OSU is off the bubble for the first time in a long time.

I would rather be a 10 or 11 than an 8 or 9. Hope Avery gets to come back after wrist surgery for post season.


Just keep winning.


I still think we can improve a couple of slots between now and tournament time. I may agree with @david9 that a 10 or a 11 might be a better slot depending on who’s in the regional

Like @jarrod says keep winning. Ku does have the best road record in conference. But its not 100%


Yeah, not so sure about that 8 seed. I would rather be an 11 seed. Puts you against 6 and probably 3. Seems like the better route as far as getting to the sweet 16.

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Kansas just seems more beatable this year. No one like Embide or close

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Please no 8/9 seed. I’d rather lose games and drop to a 10 or 11.


God i know saw to many 8 seed with eddie. To many is relative lol

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Give us a 6 seed

One think you can count on. Boyton will loose the biggest game with all the crowed behind him. Boyton will surprise you and beat Kansas at Kansas when you think they have no
Chance🤷‍♂️. Iv seen enough. Boyton recruits athleticism over smarts and that’s his problem.