Patrick Ewing, Skip Bayless and Others React to Eddie Sutton's Naismith Induction

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The likes of Doug Gottlieb and Randy Rutherford weigh in.

Nice twist to have the UK coach on stage and celebrating Sutton’s HOF induction. Well deserved stick in the eye to all those Kentucky folks who kept Eddie out for years. Justice is served and Eddie was a HOF coach in my book from day 1. So glad to have arrived in Stillwater the year after his first season. What a glorious time being one 1 of 6,381 fans going against Roy Boy, Sit down Norm Stuart/Billy Tubbs, and Johnny Orr in Big 8 play.

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Ewing’s was a side bar. Why put it in

I have a bigger problem with Bayless weighing in, that Goon-loving arrogant, blowhard.

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At least he did talk about Eddie.