Paul Finebaum: OSU is Big 12's Only Hope to get into Playoffs

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He’s probably not wrong!

Paul just wants 4 SEC teams in. Hope we run the table and spoil his party!

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Every 1 loss P5 team still has a shot.

It’s all about how likely you think it is they finish with 1 loss.

He would love to see the bcs be the sec championship. But he is rite ou wins out there not going. Tu helped us.r only lose has to be a team we beat in championship game. The it’s still iffy. Texas has to win out. Isu and ksu win 11 in row are still in the loop because of the pandemic. We have 8 games left the world could flip.

The Hack speaks!

I respect your posts, but if you spell correctly, I can read them in half the time!


First off I’m a math major. I haven’t written a paper in 30 yrs, but been texting for 20. Sorry lol. I usually get complaints about run ons. God never explain periods or commas to me. And this spell check sucks.

Brent that’s what is saying the sec champ, the west runner up, the east champ. The throw in Clemson. Between those 4 he believes they will have 2 loses.

No. This is not true. If Wyoming has one loss, they aren’t getting in. If Tulsa has one loss, they aren’t getting in. Too many teams to name who would get screwed over by a 2 loss champ from the SEC or Big 10. 2-loss Alabama or 1-loss Oklahoma State? 10 out of 10 times, they pick Bama.

Disregard that. You said Power 5 team with 1 loss. Two of my examples were not Power 5.

A 2 loss Bama is either 3rd in the west (probably) or coming off a loss in the CCG. I don’t think they take that team if there are 4 P5 teams with fewer losses available. Especially if its a choice between them and another team that played 10+ games for this year.

I appreciate your gentlemanly reply! No offense intended on my part. BTW, I’m horrible at math. And I enjoy your posts!

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This guy is a clown. He’s all of a sudden on board with OSU, but the last couple months he tore Coach Gundy apart and OSU.
Even if OSU runs the table, they would never put us in. They have to put in all the SEC teams, and the Ohio State team who hasn’t even played a game yet. I bet somehow OU gets in though lol
Then they will lose…again

You can just throw this season out the window and forget it ever happened. It’s an off year for sports in general for obvious reasons. An off year does not mean an entire conference is in trouble going forward in future seasons.

That will be the argument made when one of the big name blue blood trans doesn’t win the championship this year. Bama, Clemson or ohio state didn’t win so just a throw away year that doesn’t count

Love it guys, but we’ve play 3 games. I haven’t seen r qb. Or seen a dual qb for the defense to play with. Coming into the season texas scared me the most then ou. Now no one does as much as them all. Lol wait till next week, bye week mean we will go down in the polls.

I was pretty sure he drinks 24/7

Paul is like a married woman who believes her husband’s is the best. Doesn’t matter what the guy does ( cheat lines steals) Paul there. If paul can lie cheat or steal to help sec he will. That can always change weekly if he can help.