PFB Articles (Nov. 8)

Let’s try this, here are the Bullets from today if you guys want to holler about anything in there. I personally cannot get enough Cade intel. Usually when a recruit commits, that ends interest in him for me until he gets on campus. In this instance, I think it’s only increased it.

Any way you might be able to put a single click/tap link on the main page, to make it easier to get to the Chamber?

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Where you thinking? Top of the page?

Like putting the Chamber logo here?


I think that would be a solid move, amigo

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We are working on doing this.


Big one here.

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Yes. Doesn’t mean innocent. Just that DA didn’t see enough to provide evidence beyond reasonable doubt. Something could definitely still come from a title 9 investigation.

Title IX tribunal could very well end up with something given that they are intentionally designed to be rigged against the defendant (no representation allowed, not allowed to face your accuser, outcome determined by if an administrator whose job depends on the existence of the tribunal feels like their guilty)… Not saying he is innocent or guilty but that odds are if it goes to a Title IX tribunal the odds of them finding guilt are very high.

Yep, exactly. :cowboy_hat_face::+1: (to the Chamber link…not talking about Title IX in this comment)

Btw, how does one embed the comment one is commenting on?